About Us

We at Niashine believe in making affordable jewellery and keeping up with the latest trends, constantly striving to curate a product that will exceed our customer's expectation. 

Niashine Jewels was founded in 2019. Our founder, Krishna Shah, has over 10 years of experience in the jewellery industry and hails from a family of traditional   jewellers. After giving birth to her little princess, Krishna found a complete absence of cute and unique jewellery for kids and adults. Using the traditional knowledge passed on to her by her family, her new age outlook and her understanding as someone who loves wearing and gifting such jewellery, Krishna started Niashine Jewels. 

Niashine Jewels is named after her daugher, Niarah and it will always be special to her.

At Niashine, we give utmost importance to every piece of jewellery. Each piece is finely hand-crafted and put together to suit your personal preferences and needs.